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Dental Accessories: BursVeterinary Dental Bur Kits for cats dogs rabbits rodents

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iM3 Bur kits are autoclavable and have an illustration of the bur head and re-order code. Each Kit comes complete with 10 German-made quality burs and info card suggesting the various uses. Individual burs in packs of 5 are available. 

iM3 Dental Bur Chart
Friction grip (FG) burs are normally used in HS handpieces.

iM3 recommends disposing of burs between each patient.

FG Plain Round Bur
Pack of 5 autoclavable burs.

For removing bone, drilling holes and pulverising roots.

iM3 recommends size 4 for cats and small dogs and size 6 for larger dogs.
Vet Dental FG Round Bur Chart cats dogs D7910

FG Crosscut Taper Fissure Bur

Pack of 5 autoclavable burs.

For sectioning teeth.

iM3 recommends size 701L for cats and small dogs and size 702L for larger dogs.
Vet Dental FG Crosscut Taper Fissure Bur Chart cats dogs D8012

NEW - FG Surgical Length Burs

Pack of 5 autoclavable burs.

The extra length provides greater access in large mouths.

These burs are 25mm long and only suitable for use in the L5100/L5200/L5300 LED Advantage high speed handpiece.
Vet Dental FG Surgical Length Bur Chart cats dogs D7916
Vet Dental FG Bur Kit Canine D7510 
D7510 FG Bur Kit - Canine

The canine bur kit comes with an assortment of FG burs 19mm long. The selected burs meet the various requirements of a veterinary clinic and are used in the high speed handpiece
Vet Dental FG Bur Kit Feline D7530
D7530 FG Bur Kit - Feline

These short shank burs 16mm are preferred for use in the confines of the feline oral cavity. This kit contains an extra fine diamond bur for smoothing neck lesions. (CLL's, FORL's).

Vet Dental HP Bur Kit D7540 
D7540 HP Bur Kit

HP bur shanks are 44.5mm long and the shaft diameter is 3/32". HP Burs are used in the low speed handpiece fitted with a 1:1 straight nose cone. The handpiece, SNC 1:1 and HP bur can be autoclaved. These large burs can drill through thick bone for surgical, orthopaedic and endodontic work.
Vet Dental RA Bur Kit D7520 NEW - D7520 RA Bur Kit

These right angle burs have a 22mm long shank and a small notch at the end of the shank for locking the bur in place. These burs are commonly used in electric micromotors and low speed air driven handpieces. 20,000 - 30,000 RPM.
Vet Dental Bur Holder D7500
D7500 iM3 Aluminium Bur Holder

For 10 FG Burs, Autoclavable.
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