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Veterinary Dental: Pro 2000 Vet Dental Unit

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Pro 2000 Vet Dental Unit

The Pro 2000 has been upgraded with a third standard handpiece line. The HP line allows the veterinarian to fit a second high speed or low speed handpiece with or without water.

The Pro 2000 combines all the features iM3 has to offer in a compact self contained dental system. The added storage under the corian top and the unique combination of features makes the Pro 2000 a must for the busy Veterinary practice.

Low Speed Motor - Two Nose Cone Attachments
iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: Low speed motor for retorative dental attachments
The Pro 2000 is supplied with a low speed motor, 4:1 straight nose cone for polishing and a 1:1 straight nose cone for restorative dental attachments, rabbit and orthopaedic surgery using HP burs. All iM3 low and high speed handpieces are autoclavable.
Large Storeage Area
iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: Large useable storage
The Pro 2000 offers large useable storage. The smart hinge system means the Corian(R) top stays flat when its top is opened. Unlike other dental machines with tops that open up from a hinge at the back, the iM3 storage means the items on top don't fall on the floor.
iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: LED light wand for oral illumination

LED Light Wand

The Pro 2000 is fitted with a LED light wand for oral illumination. The light allows you to explore the mouth, see cracks in teeth, while providing additional light in the

iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: 2 bottle water system. Scaler can plug-inTwo Bottle Water System

The Pro 2000 is fitted with a two bottle water system with auto pressure release. The advantage of the two bottle system is that it allows the user to choose between CLS (chlorhexidine based solution) and water depending on the procedure. An ultrasonic scaler coolant outlet is standard on all iM3 machines. We don't "build scalers in" as many vets already have a scaler that can now be simply plugged into the iM3 outlet. The ability to remove the scaler for fast servicing is an added advantage. Its difficult and expensive to send a large (all in one) dental machine away for servicing.
6 Handpieces
iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: Handpieces - Suction, syringe, low speed handpiece
Pro 2000 Handpieces:
  • Suction
  • 3 way syringe
  • 3rd handpiece line
  • Low speed HP
  • High speed LED swivel HP
  • LED light wand
iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: Veterinary dental surgery testimonials 
"Workhorse... has provided quality service to the CT centre. Used 8 hours per day for all intradisciplines of dentistry."

"Our techs fought over who got to use the iM3 so we had to buy a second one!"

U3080 Dental Base

iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: Dental unit stand and compressor

"The Rolls Royce of Veterinary Dental Stations".*

Adjustable height stainless steel floor stand w/ castors. Silent Hurricane oil free compressor.

* From the manual of small animal dentistry. BSAVA
LED Advantage High Speed Handiece
iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: LED Advantage high speed 360 degree swivel handpiece 
The Pro 2000 is supplied with an LED Advantage high speed 360 degree swivel handpiece. The swivel allows greater control of the handpiece and reduces hand fatigue.

Includes a Third Handpiece Line
iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit: High or low speed handpieces
Additional HS or LS handpiece line The Pro 2000 is fitted with a third handpiece line

The air pressure and water supply to the handpiece line is adjustable allowing the veterinarian to fit either a high speed or low speed handpiece with water. The three handpiece lines feature automatic activators for ease of use.

The Pro 2000 allows the veterinarian to customise the handpieces to best suit their needs. Please note, no handpiece is supplied for the third line which is a standard 4 hole connection.
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