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Dental Instruments: Curved Deciduous Elevators & Needle Holders

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iM3 instruments are backed by a lifetime warranty and made from quality French and Japanese stainless steel. The instruments have been developed by iM3 with the help of veterinary dental specialists from around the world.

Curved Deciduous Elevators

Veterinary Dental Videos: Sharpening iM3 Decidous Elevators

Feline dental curved deciduous elevators  The curved deciduous elevators are ideal for the removal of retained canines (milk teeth) and are available in three sizes suitable for the different sized deciduous teeth encountered. The sharp elevator end cuts the PDL whilst the curve of the elevator tip follows the mesial curve and the other end the distal curve of the root.
D1016 Curved Deciduous Elevator - Small (2mm)
Curved deciduous elevator 2mm D1016
 D1017 Curved Deciduous Elevator - Medium (3mm)
Curved deciduous elevator medium 3mm D1017
D1018 Curved Deciduous Elevator - Large (4mm)
Curved deciduous elevator large 4mm D1018
Right angle extraction forcepts D1019  D1019 Small Dog or Cat Right Angle Extraction Forceps
Designed by iM3 for easier extraction of cat, small dog and deciduous teeth. Parallel right angle jaws reduce the risk of tooth fracture during extraction.

By not meeting at the end, they reduce the risk of breaking off cats teeth. Small handles provide a more tactile feel.
Right angle extraction forcepts tips D1019
Close up
Root tip extraction forcepts D3050
NEW - D3050 Root Tip Extraction Forceps

Root tip extractions forceps have grooved tips with fine curved ends ideal for root extraction. 6" / 150mm.
Fragment Extraction Forceps D3060
NEW - D3060 Fragment Extraction Forceps

Root fragment forceps are ideal for broken root fragments and small delicate teeth.
5 1/2"/ 138mm.
5 piece vet dental instrument D1021
D1021 5 Piece Specialised Instrument Set

These five instruments (left and above) are available as a set.

Dental Instruments: Needle Holders

Needle holders vet instruments D3000  D3000 Needle Holders with Tungsten Carbide Jaws

Designed for multiple tasks and ideal for wiring jaws or orthopaedic work.

The strong but fine jaws have tungsten carbide inserts for wire cutting.
Needle holders tips vet instruments D3000
Close up
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