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Veterinary Dental: Rabbits & Rodents

Rabits rodents veterinary hand dentalPlease browse the iM3 range of veterinary dental hand instruments.

 For information or orders, please contact iM3.


 iM3 instruments are backed by a lifetime warranty and made from quality French and Japanese stainless steel. The instruments have been developed by iM3 with the help of veterinary dental specialists from around the world.

Rabbit & Rodent Instruments

NEW DESIGN - D1026 Incisor Luxator
Rabbit rodent Incisor Luxator veterinary dental D1026 
Used to aid extraction of rabbit incisors. The instrument is used to break down periodontal ligaments on the distal and mesial aspects of the incisor teeth.

NEW DESIGN - D1027 Molar Luxator 

Rabbit rodent Molar Luxator veterinary dental D1027 
Designed for the extraction of rabbit cheek teeth. This instrument is used to break down periodontal ligaments on all four aspects of the premolar and molar teeth.

D1028 Spatula

Rabbit rodent Spatula veterinary dental 

Enhances examination of the teeth by repositioning the tongue and cheeks.Features a light weight handle.

Rabbit rodent cheek dilators veterinary dental D1035 

D1035 Cheek Dilator - X-Small
Suitable for very small mammals where the small cheek dilator is found to be too big.

D1030 Cheek Dilator - Small
Suitable for smaller mammals such as chinchillas and guinea pigs, enhancing inspection of the oral cavity.

D1031 Cheek Dilator - Large
Suitable for Larger rabbits.

Rabbit rodent teeth extraction forceps D1029 

D1029 Cheek Teeth Extraction Forceps (Molar Teeth)

Specifically designed for the removal of premolar and molar teeth in rabbits. The forcep jaws are narrow and angled at 100ยบ to improve access to the cheek teeth.

 Rabbit molar teeth cutters D1045

D1045 Rabbit Molar cutters

Ideal for trimming excessively long cheek teeth which should then be smoothed off using the extra long diamond bur.

By reducing the length with the molar cutters first, this will reduce Bur wear and possible thermal injury to the tooth.  Care should be taken to avoid tooth fractures and soft tissue damage.

Rodent gag dilators in use Dental instruments
View blow-up
iM3's unique design was developed with the help of Peter Haseler B.Vet.Med. MRCVS . Past president of the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA) Member of BVDA and EVDS. (not included in D1034 8pc kit)
NEW  - D1047 Cheek Dilator Long Reach Curved - Large 60mm Cheek dilators - Rabbit rodent D1046

D1046 Cheek Dilator Long Reach Curved - Medium 40mm
The long reach 40mm cheek dilator is ideal when using long diamond burs to reduce molar teeth. The radius of the paddle provides better access and viewing as it pushes the cheeks away from the molar teeth.
Rodent mouth gag - Vet dental instruments D1033

D1033 Rabbit Mouth Gag

Designed by iM3. Lighter than comparable gags, reducing the weight on the jaw.

Heavy duty with screw thread. Suitable for small and large rabbits.

Rodent Mouth Gag tips - Vet dental instruments D1033

Tip of D1033
Rodent Wire Mouth Gag - Vet dental instruments D1032 

D1032 Rodent Wire Mouth Gag

Lightweight design with light spring action. Suitable for chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats and small rabbits. Enhances inspection of oral cavity.

Rodent Wire Mouth Gag tips - Vet dental instruments D1032

Tip of D1032
 Rabbit Rodent 8 piece kit - Vet dental instruments D1034

D1034 8 Piece Complete Rabbit and Rodent Kit

Instruments D1026 to D1033. Complete set in zipper case.

This instrument set was developed with the help of Dr David Vella BSc BVSc (Hons), Diplomate ABVP (Exotic Companion Mammals).

Rabbit Rodent TT mouth gag - Vet dental instruments T2000
Rodent TT mouth gag - Vet dental instruments T2000


"The TTMG provides excellent access
to the oral cavity which is further
enhanced by its ability to maintain
good patient stability. Our vets are
lining up to use it and our nurses love
not having to hold guinea pigs...
We love it."

Dr David Vella BSc BVSc (Hons)
Diplomate ABVP (Exoctic Companion Mammals).

NEW - T2000 TTMG - Table Top Mouth Gag (Rodent/Rabbit)

The TTMG was designed by iM3 with the help of specialists to hold the anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination and treatment of the oral cavity without assistance.

  • Adjustable height S/S gags to suit any size rabbit or rodent
  • Adjustable table height ensures the best viewing angle of the oral cavity
  • Washable silicon pad under the patient reduces heat loss and is easy to clean
  • The complete TTMG is easy to clean and autoclavable
  • Quality components and innovative design for ease of use.


  • Temperature controlled silicon heater pad further minimises body temperature loss. Supplied complete with low voltage power supply, with international approvals.

iM3 Code T2100

  • LED Light for improved illumination of the oral cavity.

Vet Dental: Leporidae Rabbit Rodent Skull Model

Model size 9cm x 4.5cm x 5.5cm (3 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 2.2")
Card size 16.5cm x 13cm (6 1/2" x 5 1/4")

D1070 Leporidae Skull Model

iM3's new Leporidae skull model allows you to observe the tooth and root pattern of a typical rabbit and demonstrate to your clients why a procedure is necessary and what will be involved.

Also included with the model is an education card. The card is double sided and shows the location of the nasolacrimal duct. The other side shows teeth location, name and numbering for easy identification.

Vet Dental: Leporidae Rabbit Rodent jaw Card
Vet Dental: Leporidae Rabbit Rodent Skull Card
Rabbit Rodent Soft Tissue Protector - Vet dental instruments D2245

4) D2235 Long Cutting HP Bur

Diamond Bur X-Long 60 mm. The soft tissue protector guards the tongue and cheeks by exposing only the bottom cutting surface of the diamond bur when used on cheek teeth.

Diamond cleaning stone available.

D2245 Soft Tissue Protector and Diamond Disc Safety Shield - Complete Set includes items 1-4 below.

Dental Instruments for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. The iM3 soft tissue kit is an ideal set of instruments for reducing and levelling molar and incisor teeth. The set consists of:

1) D2200 Diamond Disc Cutter

22 mm, coated on both sides with HP mandrel

2) D2220 Safety Shield

Fits L6860. Safety shield for diamond disc, stainless steel

3) D2230 Soft Tissue Protector

Fits L6860. For long cutting bur, rabbit

1:1 Straight Nose Cone Low Speed Motor

Rabbit rodent straight nose dental motor L6860 

The above items fit a straight nose cone

1:1 (Blue) fitted to a low speed motor. (shown at left).

5) L6860 Straight Nose Cone 1:1 (Blue)

Straight Nose Cone 1:1 ratio (blue) use HP burs for rabbit and orthopaedic work. Autoclavable.

All parts are available separately.

Rabbit rodent straight nose dental handpiece L6860

Picture above shows the soft tissue protector and long diamond bur fitted to a 1:1 Straight Nose Cone.

L7800 1:1 LED Advantage Straight Nose Cone
Vet Dental rabbits rodents handpiece. LED Straight Nose Cone L7800 

The 1:1 LED Advantage fits any low speed motor or electric micromotor

Self generated LED white daylight, produced by the drive shaft of the low speed air motor or electric micromotor

Large illumination area providing outstanding visibility

Coolant delivery tube, removable/adjustable sterile coolant to any bur length

 Ideal for rabbit dentistry and orthopaedic work. Autoclavable.

Takes HP burs and 3/32" drills

TestimonialVet Tech reviews M Berg USA

"We purchased your L7800 LED Advantage Straight Nose Cone and the L6200 Low Speed Motor to fit our Dentalaire countertop dental unit. This nose cone has increased our ability to perform dental procedures on our smaller pocket pets.

The LED light allows the veterinarian to easily visualize the molar teeth and the varying sizes of burs help to rapidly improve the occlusion on the cheek teeth. It has dramatically cut the time needed for these procedures.

We couldn't be happier with this unit and recommend it to anyone doing pocket pet dentistry!"

Mary L. Berg
BS, RLATG, RVT, VTS (Dentistry)
Practice Manager/Dental Specialist, Gentle Care Animal Hospital
7th December 2012

Rabbit Diamond carbide burs - Vet dental instruments

NEW - D9555 Large Tubular HP Bur for Rabbits

The large carbide bur is suitable for levelling Molar teeth. Care is needed with the soft tissue. Does not fit D2230.

HP Burs suitable for rabbit dentistry

Fits any straight nose cone HP fitting.

D2235 Long cutting HP Diamond Bur

Longer than the standard HP bur 60mm, can be used with or without D2230 soft tissue protector. The diamond bur is less likely to cut soft tissue.

NEW - D9550 Narrow Conical HP Bur for Rabbits

The carbide bur is suitable for levelling Molar teeth. Care is needed with the soft tissue. Does not fit D2230.

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