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Dental Instruments: Elevator Sets

Please browse the iM3 range of veterinary dental hand instruments.

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iM3 instruments are backed by a lifetime warranty and made from quality French and Japanese stainless steel. The instruments have been developed by iM3 with the help of veterinary dental specialists from around the world.

Elevator Sets

Veterinary Dental Videos: Sharpening iM3 Winged Elevators

View product information: iM3 Sharpening Stone

NEW - Stubby handle luxator
Stubby luxator veterinary hand D1004sh
Standard handle
Standard handle luxator veterinary instruments D1004
iM3 elevators should be sharpened daily.
The sharp edge acts like a luxator cutting the PDL making extraction easier.

The winged shape of the elevator tip matches the curve of the tooth and the extra leverage aids in extraction
Stubby luxator veterinary hand D1004sh

The instrument shown in the hand is a stubby handle winged luxator.
D1048 Standard Handle Set
6 piece winged elevator set veterinary D1048
6 Piece Winged Elevator Set
iM3 Winged Elevator sizes 1-6mm in standard handle or new stubby (shorter length and larger diameter) handle. The stubby handle makes extraction so much safer as the users finger can be placed at the instrument tip. The new handle design is ideal for
small or large hands. Supplied in black pouch.

D1049 Stubby Handle Set
6 piece winged elevator set veterinary D1049 
D1044 Stubby Set in a Stainless Steel autoclavable instrument holder/case
6 piece winged elevator set veterinary D1044
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