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Product Manuals

iM3 veterinary dental Units Product Manuals
42-12 Ultrasonic scaler manual - Veterinary dnetistry
Dental Units
iM3 GS Deluxe & iM3 GS Deluxe LED dental machines
(GS_Deluxe_LED_Manual_oil_free_compressor_2.pdf - 2.5 meg)

iM3 elite dental machine
(elite_LED_Dental_machine_Oil_Free_2010.pdf - 2.5 meg)

iM3 Pro 2000 dental machine
(Pro_2000_with_Oil_Free_compressor_2012.pdf - 2.3 meg)

Ultra Sonic Scalers
42-12 Ultrasonic Veterinary Dental Scaler
(iM3_42-12_Manual_2010.pdf - 407 kb)

Download: iM3 42-12 Ferrite rod changing instructions

 Product Brochures

iM3 Veterinary Dentistry: CR 7 animal X-rays  Dental X-Ray

CR 7 Vet Advanced Digital X Ray
(DX-IM3-CR7-Vet-Brochure.pdf 2.2 meg)

Superior digital scanning to reveal the hidden dangers below the gum line.

Compared to other vet dental scanners,l the CR7 Vet provides unsurpassed high-resolution images, fast processing time, user-friendly software and the largest range of reusable flexible plate sizes for dental and small animal extremity applications.

Videos for Veterinarians

M3 in conjunction with Hill's Pet Nutrition and AVDS have produced an educational DVD features a series of films for the veterinary professionals covering the treatment, prevention and care of the oral health of dogs and cats.


Features such as Fibre Optic Lighting in the highspeed handpiece (Drill) autoclavable venturi suction, low speed high torque polisher, high speed handpiece CLS solution flush and our unique oil free silent compressor make the im3 elite totallu unique in the world of veterinary dentistry.

The film covers the features outlined above and the maintenance of the elite dental machine including handpieces.

This short extract from the DVD "Open Up" focusses on the operation, maintenance and unique features of the 42-12 ultrasonic scaler.

The DVD highlights the benefits of the 42-12:
  • The ability to scaler periodontal pockets up to 13mm
  • the Ultrasonic removal of plaque and calculus
  • 42,000 Hz high frequency yet safe
  • lightweight handpiece with finger on/off - no footpedal
  • Autoclavable handpiece and Titanium Tips.
Sharpening iM3 Decidous Elevators

Product Information:
Deciduous Elevators
Sharpening stone
Sharpening iM3 Winged Elevators

Product Information:
Winged Elevators
Sharpening Stone

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