DR 7 Size 2 Sensor

DR 7 Size 2 Sensor

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    15 years experience in sensor technology

    Absolutely convincing is the high detail recognition with minimum radiation dose.

    The depiction of the finest grey scale. Thanks to the quick availability of images and high level of detail, DR 7 is a valuable complement to image plate technology in endodontics and when checking abutments.

    Fast image transmission with CMOS

    The modern CMOS technology of the DR 7 guarantees fast image transmission with high resolution. The new scintillator layer reduces scatter and concentrates light, which positively influences the image quality.

    Your benefit

    High detail precision - Reliable diagnostics
    Rapid image availability - Efficient workflow
    Multi-user capability - Inexpensive and flexible
    The optimum complement to the image plate in endodony, implantology and dental conservation
    Effective resolution (Lp/mm) 20
    Active Surface 36x26cm
    Connection - Direct USB
    Made in Germany
    Rapid image availability - Efficient workflow
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