Oxyfresh Water Additive - 250ml

Oxyfresh Water Additive - 250ml

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The easiest way to support pet dental health, help fight periodontal disease, and strengthen their gum tissue. Safely and effectively helps fight plaque and tartar, promotes healthy gums, and gives them the freshest breath.

  • Freshens breath
  • Promotes healthier teeth and gums
  • Patented formula of Oxygene® and zinc
  • Tasteless and odourless – pets love it
  • 100% safe for dogs, cats and other pets
  • Just add 5ml (capful) to water bowl daily

Finally, pet dental homecare made easy! Don’t just mask bad breath, safely eliminate it at the source. Oxyfresh non-toxic water additive and dental gel solution is a must-have when it comes to fresh breath and the overall dental health of dogs and cats.

By the age of 3, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease which can take years off a pet’s life. That’s why this innovative pet dental water additive and Gel was developed. It safely and effectively cleans pet’s teeth and gums, protecting them from periodontal disease, plaque, gingivitis and freshens bad breath in dogs and cats.

The patented blend of Oxygene® and zinc safely eliminates bacteria that causes bad pet breath. While also removing plaque build-up and protecting gums.

Unlike other products, Oxyfresh pet dental water additive is completely tasteless and odourless so even the fussiest dogs or cats can’t detect it.

100% MONEY BACK iM3 GUARANTEE Oxyfresh pet products are unmatched for excellence and effectiveness and are backed by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping.)

I'd just like to share with you the success that I have had with the "TH SLEEPIG GIANT." The Oxyfresh Product Line was introduced to my small, one-person veterinary practice about 4 years ago. With clients seeking health and wellness fr their pets, I saw a need that the Oxyfesh products could fll. With my subsequent years using these products, I found that they out-performed their closest competitor, while creating incredible client loyalty, and therefore repeat purchases. My staff are hardcore Oxyfesh customers and when you ask why their reply is, "Seeing is believing!"
Dr. Debbie Beech, B.S., D.V.M

Oxyfresh – How it works
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Product Reviews

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Recent Reviews

Great feedback from our clients that are using Oxyfresh Dental Care Water Additive. A popular product that is easy to use, and extremely effective in reducing halitosis. Due to the fact that Oxyfresh is tasteless and odourless, it is suitable for our more fussy patients, and handy that it can be used for both dogs and cats. Very happy to recommend as part of our preventative dental care programme.

- dave Goodwin 19/10/2020 3:20:44 PM
Client came in to Purchase second bottle of Oxyfresh . Client said she was absolutely thrilled with Oxyfresh and notice improvement with both dogs breath within three days. Had previously used another brand water additive and found Oxyfresh 100% more effective will continue to purchase from now on thanked us for recommending it .

- Shane Sullivan 17/10/2020 8:33:01 AM
We love recommending Oxyfresh to all our patients to add to their dental health preventative regime! We love that Oxyfresh isn't visible to the animal and they all seem to drink it willingly! It's such an easy preventative, which is what you need when your pet may not enjoy having their mouth handled, but dental health is super important for them!

- Marileen Kroezen 16/10/2020 3:49:50 PM
Highly recommend Oxyfresh to all of my Puppy Preschoolers to help eliminate teething breath, easy to use product and great for families with multiple pets using the same water bowl.

- megan consadine 14/10/2020 1:54:52 PM
Fantastic Product, really easy to use. We sell so much of it, clients and vets have really taken to using it.

- Claire West 12/10/2020 12:01:56 PM
This latest review originates from within the clinic! One of our vets was keen to compare Oxyfresh with our long-standing water additive Prozym. Oxyfresh came out in front! No "film" left on the cat's water bowl, no "residue/crystallisation" around the lid, reduced halitosis, and Frankie Pants is as happy as a fish in water.

- Shane Sullivan 9/10/2020 5:36:09 PM
Client came in today who recently purchased a bottle of Oxyfresh. Reported fantastic breath almost instantly, 100% improved within 2 days. Owner is ecstatic, will highly recommend to friends.

- Shane Sullivan 30/09/2020 6:20:50 PM
A client with a very fussy Chihuahua has had issues with brushing her dog's teeth, and refuses to eat any prescription diets. She dropped by to report that Oxyfresh has made a significant improvement in breath within days of using the product. She is extremely happy and thanked us for recommending it!

- Shane Sullivan 30/09/2020 6:02:11 PM
We have been using the Oxyfresh additive for over 6 months now, fantastic take up from clients.. it’s a job keeping up with the stock sometimes.

- Andrew Thompson 23/09/2020 3:42:03 PM
One of the Nurses from our clinic has been using this for a few weeks all Five dogs drink the water with Oxyfresh added no issues and their breath had improved within 3 days

- Shane Sullivan 19/09/2020 8:26:41 AM
A Client has recently purchased for a cat with dental disease that is reluctant to put under General Anesthetic for Dental scale and polish. was happy as noticed breath had improved within a few days of adding to water. Has had no trouble getting cat to drink water.

- Shane Sullivan 19/09/2020 8:22:29 AM
Client had noticed a significant difference in their Dogs breath within 3 days of using has had no trouble getting dog to drink water owner was very satisfied with product and has indicated will purchase again

- Shane Sullivan 19/09/2020 8:19:55 AM
Very reasonable approach to daily passive home care for the owners that works really well. Surprisingly accepted by a lot of cats as well. Have had a great response from owners, and definately seen an improvement in dental health with regular dental checks we offer at the clinic!

- Erina Imai 17/09/2020 5:23:16 PM
I highly recommend using oxyfresh. It's a great product, easy to use and it works! No odour or taste (for those fussy pets), No chemicals or harmful sweeteners. Since IM3 recommended this product, our clinic has sold numerous amount of water additive and the gel and finger brush kit, in which we have received great feedback from our clients. I personally have used these products at home and i can definitely tell the difference, my amstaff had bad breath and grade 2 dental. I have noticed his breath does not smell anymore and the plaque has reduced.

- Chloe Johnson 15/09/2020 11:31:27 AM
So easy to use and my clients with stubborn pets who will not permit brushing like it too. I use it at home too and none of my 8 fur pets have any complaints!

- Yolande Howell 11/09/2020 9:00:31 AM
Alot of my clients are saying that their pets are drinking the water even after adding the water additive, even cats! I would highly recommend this on top of daily brushing of the tooth for optimum dental health care!

- Jimson Chan 25/08/2020 11:26:03 AM
Shortly after receiving our first supply of Oxyfresh at work, I decided I wanted to try it for myself so I could confidently recommend it to my clients. I was extremely pleased that it is crystal clear with virtually no smell, perfect for those fussy drinkers. I have noticed that my doggy's breath has improved on the first bottle. :)

- Nicole Menner 24/08/2020 2:40:14 PM
Absolutely magic! It has been walking out the door and I can't keep up with ordering! Everyone is loving the naturalness, flexibility and affordability of this product. Can't wait for a bigger size to come out!

- Blaise Baldissera 16/07/2020 4:48:55 PM

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