Improve Pet Oral Health with This Fail-Proof, Practical Guide

April 11, 2017 by iM3 admin

As veterinary dentists, you know that the needs of your four-legged patients demand the most specialised attention. Pets that come in to your clinics have individual needs—a proof that a generic solution does not work for all of them. Every condition and every patient profile require a tailored treatment that is perfected only through years of periodontal practice.

To excel in the veterinary profession, you have to invest in continuing education and dentistry is an important field. From attending seminars to focussing on case studies, you should ensure that you obtain as much information as you can absorb in the industry. This way, you are guaranteed to not get left behind, providing only the best oral health care experience for your clients pets.

Investing in Veterinary Dental Training Resources

Here at iM3, we believe that on top of signing up for workshops, pet dental practitioners should also spend on instructional videos to strengthen their expertise. Given the hectic schedule that we adhere to on a daily basis, educational DVDs are an awesome alternative to seminars that require our physical presence. Aside from that, these are the advantages of having in your possession your own training DVD.

  • Training available any time, anywhere. Whether you are in the office or at home, you can play the educational videos at your leisure and pace. There’s no pressure to finish the materials in one go. It is up to you when to commence and resume your virtual learning sessions.
  • Lifetime access to methods and techniques. Unlike trainings and workshops that are only offered on-site, DVDs are preferable because you can access the resources any time. Three years from now, you can still use the materials and you can even pass them on to your brood who want to take the veterinary dentistry path that you have embarked on.
  • Mastery of procedures with frame freezing. Seminars provide instructions in one go; that means when you miss an important step, there’s no chance for you to go back and replay that part. But with a training DVD, you can champion animal oral health care methods by freezing video frames and familiarising all the steps involved. Whenever you are unsure of the process, you have the option to pause the video, to zoom in on specific areas, and to make even the most complicated steps simple to execute.
  • Instant replays for memory aid. Prior to undertaking a periodontal surgery on a pet, it is best to orientate yourself again with best practices to make sure that the operation will be a successful one. Simply load the DVD on a player, go to the procedure section, and play the video as a refresher. You’l definitely see the difference with your performance on the operating table.

Open Up DVD, A Practical Guide to Improving Pet Oral Health

Because we recognise the importance of continuing education, we have partnered Hill's Pet Nutrition and AVDS to produce an educational DVD that veterinary practitioners will find useful in their profession. The following topics are covered in a series of films:

  • Dental Health in Pets
  • Veterinary Dental Radiology
  • Local Anaesthesia Techniques
  • Simple Tooth Extraction
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Equipment Features and Maintenance

Whether you are a new veterinary dentist or a seasoned professional, you can benefit from the Open Up DVD. Contact us to learn how you can get our educational DVD.

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